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The Williamsburg Volunteer Fire Department traces its documented origins back to early organized fire fighting in the City in 1754.  Today, the fire and emergency medical services for the City of Williamsburg are delivered to the citizens and visitors of our community by both career staff and volunteers. Volunteer firefighters and emergency medical service personnel contribute thousands of hours annually in emergency call response, training, standing duty, and fundraising.

The City of Williamsburg is home to historic Colonial Williamsburg and the College of William and Mary. Our volunteer membership is comprised primarily of local area residents as well as college students. In addition to providing fire and emergency services to the many businesses and residents within the 8.7 square miles of the City of Williamsburg, we protect more than 500 original and reconstructed eighteenth century structures throughout the historic area.

History and tradition run deep in Williamsburg. We invite you to become a part of what has helped Williamsburg to achieve greatness. Please consider joining the Williamsburg Volunteer Fire Department or make a donation to support the training, equipment, and many services we provide for our community.